Introduction to sharding

Introduction to sharding Sharding: Sharding is a process of distributing the data across multiple machines. The distribution is done based on the specific key called the shard key. This allows MongoDB to handle large datasets and higher read/write operations. MongoDB supports horizontal scaling through Sharding.… Read More

Indexes in MongoDB

Indexes in MongoDB Index: Index is a data structure that enhances the data retrieval efficiency by storing the small portion of the collection’s data along with the pointers to their physical location in the collection. 👉 MongoDB indexes use B-tree data structure. 👉 Indexes help… Read More

Install MongoDB in Amazon Linux VM

Install MongoDB in Amazon Linux VM: Step-1: Create a Linux virtual machine in AWS. Step-2: After creating it connect it through the putty or mobaXterm. Step-3: Run “sudo su“ to get all the root privileges.

Step-4: To know about the version and its details… Read More

AZURE: Storage Account Creation

AZURE: Storage Account Creation Storage Account: 👉 An Azure Storage account is a fundamental resource that holds all your Azure storage data objects like blobs, queues, files and tables. 👉 It provides a unique namespace so that anyone can access through HTTP and HTTPS requests.… Read More

Azure: Different types of availability options

Different types of availability options  Azure offers different types of availability options which includes. 1. No infrastructure redundancy required. 2. Availability zone 3. Virtual machine scale set 4. Availability set 1. No infrastructure redundancy required. • This does not provide any redundancy. • When you… Read More

Roles In MongoDB Part – 2

Roles In MongoDB Part – 2 User-Defined roles: MongoDB provides many built-in roles to manage the access to the database.but when the built-in roles did not meet your requirement privileges then you can go for creating your own roles. Creation of user-Defined role: To create… Read More

Roles in MongoDB

Roles in MongoDB MongoDB uses Role Based Access Control (RABC) to provide access to any MongoDB system. MongoDB supports multiple authentication methods like x.509 Certificate Kerberos Authentication and may like these authentication methods and the access to the database granted through the role-based authorization. There… Read More