Tools for Administering the SQL Server

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Dear Readers,

In this article, we will discuss Tools for Administering the SQL Server.

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SQL Server Supported Platforms :
Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES)
Amazon RDS ( AWS cloud)
Azure SQL Database (Microsoft cloud)

SQL Server Upgrade Tools :
SQL Server Upgrade advisor
Database Migration Assistant (DMA)
Database Experimentation Assistant (DEA)
SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA)

SQL Server Client Tools :
SQL Server management studio (Windows)
Azure Data Studio (windows,macOS and Linux)
SQL Server Data Tools-SSDT (Windows)
Visual Studio Code (windows,macOS and Linux)

SQL Server Command Line Tools :
SQL Server PowerShell
SQL Server Third Party Monitoring Tools :
Solarwinds SQL Server Performance Analyzer
Redgate Monitoring tool
Idera SQL Diagnostic Manager
Sentry One (SQL Sentry)

SQL Server Third Party Backup Tools :
Litespeed (Quest)
SQL Backups (Red Gate Software)
SQL Safe Backup (IDERA)
SQL Server Backup (

SQL Server Third Party Log Rescue Tools :
SysTools SQL Log Analyzer
Redgate SQL Log Rescue
ApexSQL Log

SQL Server Third Party Data Compare Tools :
Red Gate – SQL Data Compare
ApexSQL – SQL Diff
Devart – dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server

SQL Server Troubleshooting Tools :
Windows Performance Monitor
SQL Server Activity Monitor
Live Query statistics
Activity monitor

SQL Server Performance Tuning Tools :
Database Tuning Advisor
Foglight for SQL Server (Third party -Quest)
dbForge Studio for SQL Server (Third party)
SQL Sentry (Third party)

Data Masking Tools :
Dynamic Data masking (from SQL Server 2016)
DATPROF Data Masking Tool (Third party)
Redgate Data Masker (Third party)
DataVeil software (Third party)
DataSunrise Data Masking for MS SQL Server (Third Party)


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