Hadoop : What is BIG DATA?

What is BIG DATA?   Introduction: BigData is current industry problem. 1) Storage Problem (tb, pb, xb…) 2) Processing Problem. The solution for these problems are called as “Bigdata Storage Solutions” and “Bigdata Processing Solution”. We cannot solve Bigdata problem using traditional RDBMS systems, hence… Read More

Oracle : Oracle Server Architecture

Oracle Server Architecture   An Oracle server includes an Oracle Instance and an Oracle database. Oracle instance:  An Oracle Instance is a combination of two different sets of components. The first component includes the Memory components. That is nothing but SGA (shared global area or system global area)   The second… Read More

Oracle : DATA MASKING (12c)

DATA MASKING     Every organization maintains the sensitive data regarding their operations. like  personal identifiable data, personal sensitive data or commercially sensitive data. organizations are required to protect their sensitive data falling to the wrong hands. Data can be protect by doing the common stuff… Read More