Amazon S3 ( Simple Storage Service ) in AWS

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In this article, we will see the Amazon S3 ( Simple Storage Service ) in AWS .

  1. Create S3 bucket by making it public.
  2. Upload object by making it public.
  3. Access object inside the bucket.

Simple Storage Service

  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is an object storage service
  • It offers industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance.
  • S3 is secure,durable,and highly scalable data storage infrastructure at very low costs.
  • S3 is easy to use with a simple web service interface
  • It will help to store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere through internet..
  • Secure – Protection from others
  • Durable – Never lose your data.
  • Highly Scale – Keep any amount of data and store and retrieve any amount of data.
  • It is a safe place to your files.
  • It is object based storage.
  • Files can be from 0 Bytes to 5 TB (Graphical/Console).
  • Files can be from 0 Bytes to 5 GB (CLI).
  • There is a unlimited storage.
  • Objects are stored in buckets.
  • S3 bucket names must be unique globally.
  • Built for 99.99% availability for the S3 platform.
  • Amazon Guarantee 99.9999999% durability.
  • Tiered Storage Available.
  • Lifecycle Management.
  • Secure your data using Access control lists & Bucket policy.

S3 Storage Classes/Tiers

  • S3 Standard.
  • S3 Intelligent Tiering.
  • S3 Standard IA.
  • S3 One Zone-IA (Infrequently Access).
  • S3 Glacier (To get data, need to wait for 2-5 hours).

S3 Charged for:

  • Storage
  • Requests
  • Storage Management Pricing (Tiers).
  • Data Transfer Pricing (Manual).
  • Transfer Acceleration.
  • Cross Region Replication (Automatic).

First, we need to AWS Console page by using below link.

Click on sign in to Console button.

Logging to aws account

Provide username and password then click on sign in.

Enter to AWS Management Console

We can see the AWS Management Console Dashboard.

Go to Services, under the storage module click on S3 service to open.

Create S3 Bucket

We can create up to 100 buckets in each of your AWS accounts

Bucket like a folder that stores the objects

Click on create bucket.

Provide the bucket name must be globally unique across all existing bucket name in Amazon S3

In the Bucket name field we need to follow some guidelines

  • The bucket name can be between 3 and 63 characters long, and can contain only lower-case characters, numbers, periods, and dashes.
  • The bucket name must start with a lowercase letter or number.
  • The bucket name cannot contain underscores, end with a dash, have consecutive periods, or use dashes adjacent to periods.
  • The bucket name cannot be formatted as an IP address (192.81.800.24).

After you have created a bucket, you can’t change its Region.

In Region, Choose required region.

Click on Next.

Click on Next.

Make bucket to public

Unchecked Block all public access.

Go to Manage System permissions and choose Grant Amazon S3 Log Delivery group write access to this bucket then click on Next.

Verify all the details which has given by user then click on create bucket.

We can see the bucket “ktexpertsbucket”.

Upload Object

Open the bucket ( click on the bucket name).

Click on upload to add files to your bucket.

Click on Add files.

Choose the required file and click on open.

Click on Next.

Make object public

Go  to Manage Public permissions and choose grant public access to this object.

By default the storage class is standard skip and click on Next.

Verify all the details and click on upload.

We can see the object has been uploaded successfully to the bucket.

Once opened the object we see the overview of object (Information about to object).

At the bottom one URL can be visible Take copy the URL.

Search the URL in different browser.

We can see the object’s content as shown below.

Make object private

Go to Permissions tab and unchecked the Read object in public access (Means object is private).

click on save.

Refresh URL in the browser, we can see the error because the object is private so no one can see the object.

Make an object public

Go to Permissions tab and checked the Read object with right mark in public access (Means object is public).

Refresh URL in the browser, now we can see the object because the object is in Public.

Delete an Object

Select the object and go to actions then choose delete option.

Click on Delete to confirm.

The object has deleted that’s what it’s showing like This bucket is empty. Upload new objects to get started and click on Amazon S3.

Delete Bucket

Select Bucket “ktexpertsbucket”.

Enter bucket name and click on confirm to delete.

The Bucket has been deleted successfully.



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