Working with databases in MongoDB Atlas

Working with databases in MongoDB Atlas After setting the databases with clusters, now one organization is created which contains projects and, in that project, we will have clusters. 1 – The organization name is displayed at the top left you can have multiple organisations. 2… Read More

Collection Management In MongoDB

Collection : It is a group of documents in a database.collection is like a table in a relational database. The database contains collections,collections contains documents and the documents contain data in it. Naming restriction for collections in MongoDB: 1. Collection name must begin with a… Read More

About JSON and BSON

About JSON and BSON Both JSON and BSON are data interchange formats used for the representation and transmission of data between applications. JSON: (Java script Object Notation) It is text based format that is lightweight and also human readable format. Based on the javascript syntax… Read More

Installation of MongoDB on Windows Operating System

Installation of MongoDB on Windows Operating SystemInstallation of MongoDB on Windows Operating System To download community version, follow these steps. → Click on the link → In version section select the version of MongoDB to download. → In platform select windows. → In package… Read More


OPERATORS IN PYTHON Operator: It is defined as a symbol which is responsible for a particular operation between two operands. Python supports different types of operators: 1.Arithmetic Operators               2.Assignment Operators            3.Logical Operators                    4.Comparison Operators            5.Bitwise Operators                    6.Identity Operators                    7.Membership Operators              Arithmetic Operators: They are… Read More

Introduction to MongoDB

Introduction to MongoDB MongoDB is an open and free NoSQL database management system. It is a document oriented database, i.e. it will store all the data in semi-structured Binary JSON like documents. Features of MongoDB Document Object Data Model: MongoDB stores the data as Binary… Read More

Control Flow In Python

CONTROL FLOW Decision making statements in programming languages decide the direction of the flow of program execution based on the given conditions. Python supports if, Elif used to decide the flow of execution. If statement: It is the basic decision-making statement, in this the code… Read More

Variables in Python

Variables in Python Identifiers: Identifiers are used to identify an entity uniquely in a program at the time of execution. Examples: class names, function names, variable names etc. Variable:Variable is a name given to a memory location that is used to hold a value. Ex:… Read More

Python – Datatypes

Python – Datatypes 👇👇👇👇 Please check the below link for the full document 👇👇👇👇   Author    : Teja LinkedIn : Thank you for giving your valuable time to read the above information. Please click here to subscribe for further updates KTExperts is… Read More


PYTHON INTRODUCTION WHAT IS PYTHON Python is a high-level, interpreted, interactive and object-oriented scripting language developed by Guido Van Rossum. Python is a powerful, flexible and easy to use scripting language. FEATURES OF PYTHON: Free & Open Source Python language is freely available at the… Read More