Bootstrap a Node 3 and Deploy Apache Web Server

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Bootstrap a Node 3 and Deploy Apache Web Server

In this article,we will see Bootstrap a Node 2 and Deploy Apache Web Server.

Implementation Steps

Bootstrap a Node 3

  1. Check Availability Zone of your workstation.
  2. Create a Node “Chef-Node-1” by launching instance.
  3. Open your workstation Linux terminal through putty.
  4. Switch to root user.
  5. Go to chef-repo.
  6. Run bootstrap command to bootstrap a node 2.
  7. Verify bootstrap nodes.

Deploy an Apache Web Server

  1. Attach recipe “ktexperts-apache-recipe’rb” to node “ktexperts-node 2”.
  2. Verify recipe in run list.
  3. Verify the content of node 2 “Chef-Node-2”.
  4. Modify recipe “ktexperts-apache-recipe.rb”.
  5. Upload cookbook to chef server.
  6. Verify the content of node 1 “Chef-Node-1”.

Bootstrap a Node 3

Check Availability Zone of your workstation

we can see the Availability Zone “ap-south-1a” of your workstation.


Workstation is in ap-south-1a AZ.

we create a node in the same Availability Zone “ap-south-1a”.

we need to open SSH and HTTP ports.

we need to specify some commands in the userdata while launching instance.

Create a Node “Chef-Node-3” 

Launch Linux EC2 Instance

Check below link to Launch Linux EC2 Instance.

Launch Linux EC2 Instance

We can see the node  “Chef-Node-3” which was created earlier.


Open your workstation Linux terminal through putty

Switch to root user

[ec2-user@ip-172-31-42-243 ~]$ sudo su [root@ip-172-31-42-243 ec2-user]#

Go to chef-repo 

[root@ip-172-31-42-243 ec2-user]# cd chef-repo/ [root@ip-172-31-42-243 chef-repo]#

Run bootstrap command to bootstrap a node

we need specify private IP key file of chef-node-1 in bootstrap command.

Copy private IP of chef-node-3

Specify username,private IP(chef-node-2) and pem key “chef.pem” (chef-node-2) in the bootstrap command.


Two actions will be done while bootstrapping.

Adding node to chef server.

Installing chef package.

 Verify bootstrap nodes

To the bootstrap nodes

The ktexperts-note 3 has added to chef server successfully.

Deploy an Apache Web Server

We have already uploaded the recipe to chef server.

Attatch recipe “ktexperts-apache-recipe’rb” to node “ktexperts-node 3”

Verify recipe in run list

Verify the content of node 1 “Chef-Node-3”

Copy the IPV4 Public IP of node 1″Chef-Node-3″

Search IPV4 Public IP in browser

We can able to see the content of node 3 “Chef-Node-3”

Modify recipe “ktexperts-apache-recipe.rb” 


:wq! — to quit.

Upload cookbook to chef server

we can’t upload individual recipes so,we can upload cookbook that the recipe present inside the cookbook itself.

Verify the content of node 3 “Chef-Node-3”

Refresh IPV4 Public IP the browser

we can see the content has been modified successfully.

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Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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