Basics of Docker Containers:

Basics of Docker Containers: What are containers: ▪️ Containers are lightweight packages of your application code together with dependencies such as specific versions of programming language runtimes and libraries required to run your software services. ▪️ Containers make it easy to share CPU, memory, storage, and… Read More

Run SQL as JENKINS_PIPELINE_job by SQLplus script runner plugin

Run SQL as JENKINS_PIPELINE_job by SQL plus script runner plugin. Running the SQL script – As Scripted pipeline job from Jenkins file in GIT repo Note: the SQL script placed in the same location as Jenkins file

👉 Create the (above code) scripted pipeline in Jenkins… Read More

Parameterization in Jenkins job

Parameterization in Jenkins job Parameters in Jenkins: Parameters can be used in 2 ways in Jenkins job. ▪️ Define parameter value directly inside a build job (or in shell/batch commands) as fixed value. ▪️ Define using Build Parameters – Setting build parameter and passing values… Read More