Daily Tips for Data Science

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Dear Readers,

In this article, we will see the following Daily Tips for Data Science.

Tip-1 :          Date: 07-Dec-20          Provided By (Linkedin): Arjun Reddy
👉Data Science is doing reseach on past data to genereate the fact-based reports for decision making in the Business.
👉If you want to become a perfect data scientist,you need to start from the scratch with right strategy.

📍 You must have intrest in Data Scieence.
📍 You need to play with fundamental Maths.
📍 You need to be very familiar with database.
📍 You must be a Hardworker.
📍 You have to be quick learner.
📍 You must have problem solving skills.

Tip-2 :          Date: 10-Dec-20          Provided By (Linkedin): Arjun Reddy
Skills required for Data Science:
👉 Knowledge in programming languages like python, R, SQL, Spark, and HIVE
👉 Very familair with Datawharehouse Concepts
👉 Statistical modeling with the knowledge of mathematics of data science.
👉 Probability in detail.
👉 Expert in database design, process, management, data collection, data mining, data analysis.
👉 Knowledge of visualization and reporting tools such as SAS, Tableau and PowerBI.
👉 Machine learning algorithms: Regression, classification, and clustering algorithms of supervised learning are mandatory.
👉 Some ideas about NLP and time-series.


Thank you for giving your valuable time to read the above information.
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