Daily Tips for .NET

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Dear Readers,

In this article, we will see the following Daily Tips for .NET.


Tip-1 :          Date: 21-Dec-20           Provided By (Linkedin): Deepthi
👉 Use yield in C# instead of temporary collections.
Tip-2 :          Date: 26-Dec-20           Provided By (Linkedin): Deepthi
Csharp programming tip :
👉 Use Tuple, feature of C# 7, to return multiple values

Tip-3 :          Date: 26-Jan-21           Provided By (Linkedin): Deepthi
CLR properties:
👉 Common language system – CLS
👉 Common type system – CTS
👉 Garbage collector – GC
👉 JIT ( just in time ) compiler

Tip-2 :          Date: 08-Jan-21           Provided By (Linkedin): Deepthi
Asp.net Web Api Tip :
👉 Use ~ to override the RoutePrefix.

Tip-2 :          Date: 17-Feb-21           Provided By (Linkedin): Deepthi
C# Programming Tip :
👉 Use “string.IsNullOrEmpty()” to check if the string is empty or null.

Tip-2 :          Date: 19-Feb-21           Provided By (Linkedin): Deepthi
C# Programming Tip :
👉 Write “inline code” instead of temporary variables.

Thank you for giving your valuable time to read the above information.
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