Daily Tips for GoldenGate

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Dear Readers,

In this article, we will see the Daily Tips for GoldenGate.

Tip-1 :          Date: 12-Dec-20           Provided By (Linkedin): Ankush Chawla
LogDump is a popular utility to troubleshoot GoldenGate issues:
It allows to :
👉 Read or search information({records) that is stored in GoldenGate trails or files.
👉 Save a portion of trail file to a separate trail file

Tip-2 :          Date: 16-Dec-20           Provided By (Linkedin): Ankush Chawla
Integrated Replicat Parameter GroupTransOps :
👉 This parameter specifies the minimum number of operations to be applied in a Replicat Transaction.
👉 For example, if transaction 1 contains 500 operations, and transaction 2 contains 600 operations, and transaction 3 contains 500 operations, the Replicat transaction contains all 1600 operations even though GROUPTRANSOPS is set to the default of 1500.

Tip-3 :          Date: 18-Dec-20           Provided By (Linkedin): Ankush Chawla
👉 HANDLECOLLISIONS parameters is used during during an initial load, when data from source tables is being loaded to target tables while Oracle GoldenGate is replicating transactional changes that are being made to those tables.
👉 When Oracle GoldenGate applies the replicated changes after the load is finished, HANDLECOLLISIONS provides Replicat with error-handling logic for these collisions.

Tip-4 :          Date: 11-Feb-21           Provided By (Linkedin): Ankush Chawla
👉 From goldengate 12.3+, ALLOWDUPTARGETMAP is not valid for integrated replicate.
👉 I.e. u cannot have same source table mapped to more than one target table.
👉 Use Classic , Coordinate or Parallel replicate instead of Integrated.

Tip-5 :          Date: 25-Feb-21           Provided By (Linkedin): Shrikanth
👉 Golden gate doesn’t not accept virtual columns as part of Key cols.

Tip-6 :          Date: 26-Feb-21           Provided By (Linkedin): Ankush Chawla
👉 If the Integrated Capture fails to start with error ORA-04030 unable to allocate shared memory
👉 Check parameter parallel_max_server.
👉 Reduce the value of parallel_max_server in database.
👉 Sometimes Integrated Capture try to utilize all the servers of the DB to perform the activity.




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Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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