How to add Container database to Existing RMAN Recovery catalog

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Hello Readers,

In this article ,we will see how to a container database to the existing RMAN recovery catalog.

Please check below article before adding container database to RMAN Catalog.

How to Create an RMAN Recovery Catalog

Target Database :                                                  Catalog Database:

Name : AVMCDB(Container DB)                            Name: AVDEV

IP Address :                                      IP Address :

Follow below steps to add Container DB to  Recovery Catalog 

Target DB:

Check Container Database  details

Check pdbs list

Step 2 : 

Create listener for CDB database

Start the listener

Step 3 : 

Create a backup directory to store rman Backup Files

Catalog DB : 

Step 4: 

Prepare tnsnames.ora file

Check tnsping

Step 5 : 

Connect to RMAN catalog and check registered databases.


We have already registered Non -Container DB(AVPROD), now we are adding Container  database to same Recovery Catalog..

Step 6 :

Use REGISTER DATABASE to register container database (AVMCDB)

Database successfully Registerered.

Step 7:

Check Database registered lists using DB_UNIQUE_NAME  ALL;

Step 8:

Now take the full Container database backup using Recovery Catalog :


Ouput log :

Click below to Download RMAN Container Backup Logfile: 

RMAN Backup Container Logfile


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Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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