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Dear Readers,

In this article, we will see Installing OEL Operating System on Virtual machine and installing Vmware tools.

Please check the video link :

To install Oracle Enterprise Linux on Virtual machine , we need to download OEL operating ISO image file from 

In case if you don’t have please use below link to download OEL 6.4 version 32 bit software.

Go to Vmware and click on Edit Virtual Machine settings then click on CD/DVD SATA  then click on use ISO image file 

Click on Browse and upload ISO image which we downloaded.

Then click OK.

After loading file 

After loading ISO image file click on OK

Then Power on Virtual Machine

While machine is starting ISO image file will be loaded

and it will show below screen


Click on Install or upgrade an existing system


Click on Skip  to skip  ISO image file testing 

Installation process will start

click on Next

Select English Language and click on Next

Choose Basic Storage Devices  click on Next

Select Discard any data  click on Next

Provide host name and configure network with Public and private IP’s(you can do after installation also)

click on Next

Choose nearest timezone click on Next

Provide password for root user and click on Next

Select Create Custom Layout  and click on Next

create the below mount points with basic storage and  click on Next

Select Format option

click on Next

Don’t do any changes

click on Next

Select Customize now option to choose available RPM’s

click on Next

Select all optional packages and

click on Next

OEL installation will start  like below

Once installation completed click on Reboot

After reboot enter choose Root  user and provide password.

Once its rebooted it will open below screen

click on Forward

Agree for License agreement

Choose  Register later

click on Forward

Don’t create any user as we have already Oracle user

click on Forward

Set Date and time

click on Forward

Disable Kdump and click on Finish 


As of now OEL installation will complete

Installing Vmware tools

Click on VM and chose install vmware tools It will open a terminal with Vmware tools Zip file

It will open a terminal with Vmware tools Zip file

Open a new terminal and write cp command and drag and drop the Zip file from another terminal  

Destination will be /opt

Check the tar  file copied ot not

and Extract the tar using tar -xvf command

Once Extract was done it will create files and directories

Goto Vmware-tools-disturb 

you will find a  file file called 

run a file with user root.

Click on Next Next until it terminates( we are not changing default paths of vmware tools ).

Installion of vmware tools are completed.


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Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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