Dear Readers, In this article, we will discuss GIT INTERVIEW QUESTIONS.(Part-2) Please check part-1 GIT INTERVIEW QUESTIONS (PART-1) 1. What are different state of git for commiting the code in remote repository Ans:  a. modified(local modification) b. stagged(adding the local code to stagging area,command:git add .)… Read More

Most Useful GIT Commands

Most Useful GIT Commands In this article,we will see Most useful GIT Commands. SNO    USE   COMMAND 1 See the version of GIT git –version 2 To Configure the username and email git config –global “Ram” git config –global “” 3 Verify Username… Read More

How to Resolve Merge CONFLICT in Git

Dear Readers, In this article,we will see How to Resolve Merge CONFLICT in Git. Implementation Steps Create a new file “ktexperts-1” and put some content. Add and commit the file “ktexperts-1”. Switch to branch “Ktexperts-New-Branch”. Create a new file with same name “ktexperts-1”. Add and commit… Read More