Jenkins Installation On Windows- Download,Install and Configure Git in Windows (PART-1)

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Dear Readers,

For installing Jenkins in Windows we need to do following things.

  1. Download,Install and Configure Git.
  2. Download,Install and Configure Java.
  3. Download and Configure Maven.
  4. Download and Install Jenkins,


In this article,we will see Download,Install and Configure of Git.

Download,Install and Configure of Git

Steps to Follow

  1. Download Git from from official Git website.
  2. Install Git.
  3. Configure Git.

1. Download Git

First,we need to go Git official website by using below link

Click on Download 2.25.0 for Windows.

The Git software is being started.

we can see the Git has been downloaded successfully.

2. Install Git

Go to physical location of the Git software and double click on that.

Click on Next.

Click on Next.

Click on Next.

Click on Next.

Click on Next.

Select Git from the command line and also from 3rd-party software and Click on Next.

Select “Use the OpenSSL library” and Click on Next.

Select “Checkout as-is,Commit Unix-Style line endings” and Click on Next.

Click on Next.

Click on Install.

It is being installed and wait till complete the installation.

Click on Next.

Once you,Click on Next the installation has done automatically.

When you install Git software,Git Bash will be created automatically.

3. Configure Git

Go inside the Git Bash and configure the Git

Verify the version of Git

Configure username and email

Configure username

Configure email

Verify Username and Email Configurations


As of now,we have seen Install,Download and Configure Git.
In Next article,we will see Download,Install and Configure Java.

Thank you for giving your valuable time to read the above information.
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Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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