Variables in Python

Variables in Python Identifiers: An identifier is a name given to the entities in a program such as variables, classes, functions and all the other objects in python. ▪️ Identifiers are case sensitive. ▪️ There is no length restriction for the identifiers, but you have… Read More

Python Script to make connection for Oracle databases.

Python Script to make connection for Oracle databases. Hello Folks, This article will explain you about installation cx_Oracle module and basic python script to make connection to Oracle databases. Check the Python Version: 

Install oracle package cx-Oracle: cx_Oracle is a Python extension module that… Read More


SET DATA STRUCTURE ▪️ A Python Set is the unordered and unique collection of the data. ▪️ Sets can contain elements of different Data Types Like int, string, Tuple, etc. but cannot contain List, sets, dictionaries. ▪️ Set data structure is used when you want… Read More

Lists in Python

Lists in Python ▪️ A list in Python is a group of related values (elements) that are arranged in a specific order and can be changed. ▪️ It can store different data types, including integers, floats, strings, and lists themselves. ▪️ Lists are enclosed in… Read More

Python Installation

Python Installation To write and execute the programs in python you have to download the python software. Python is open source, and it can be downloaded freely. 👉 Follow this link “” to download the python software you will find the page which is shown… Read More