Daily Tips for MongoDB

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Dear Readers,

In this article, we will see the following Daily Tips for MongoDB.

Tip-1         Date: 30-Nov-20           Provided By: Srini Arra
MongoDB is designed to meet the demands of modern apps:
👉 The document data model-presenting you the best way to work with data.
👉 A distributed systems design-allowing you to intelligently put data where you want it.
👉 A unified experiance that gives you the freedom to run anywhere-allowing you to future-proof your work and 4 eliminate vendor lock-in.

Tip-2 :           Date: 01-Dec-20         Provided By:  Srini Arra
Terminology with RDBMS vs MongoDB:

Tables Collections
Rows Documents
Columns Fields

Tip-3 :           Date: 02-Dec-20         Provided By:  Srini Arra (Linkedin)
👉MongoDB default port is 27017.
👉MongoDb default storage engine: WiredTiger Storage Engine.

Tip-4 :           Date: 03-Dec-20         Provided By:  Srini Arra (Linkedin)
👉MongoDB stores data records as BSON documents.
👉BSON is a binary representation of JSON(JavaScript Object Notation) documents.

Tip-5 :           Date: 04-Dec-20         Provided By:  Srini Arra (Linkedin)
👉 MongoDB uses write ahead logging to an on-disk journal for data durability.
👉 Journaling guarantees that MongoDB can recover write operations that were written to the journal
👉 but not written to data files in cases where mongod terminated due to a crash or other serious failure.

Tip-6 :           Date: 07-Dec-20         Provided By:  Srini Arra (Linkedin)
👉 MongoDB supports compression when using the default WiredTiger storage engine.
👉 Compression reduces storage footprint by as much as 80%.
👉 Default Snappy compression algorithm provides a good balance between high document and journal compression ratio with low CPU overhead.

Tip-7 :           Date: 15-Dec-20         Provided By:  Srini Arra (Linkedin)
👉 MongoDb allows you localhost exception to create your first database user after you enable the security for MongoDb.
👉 localhost host meaning that you can connect to mongodb from the host where mongodb is running without username and password for first time.
👉 You should only connect from the same host mongodb runs.

Tip-7 :           Date: 15-Dec-20         Provided By:  Srini Arra (Linkedin)
👉 MongoDb allows two methods to enable internal authentication in replica set or sharded cluster

👉Keyfile authentication
👉 Certificate based authentication
Tip Video Link : https://youtu.be/V6hxQsPig9U

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