Daily Tips for MySQL

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Dear Readers,

In this article, we will see the following Daily Tips for MySQL .

Tip-1           Date: 30-Nov-20           Provided By (Linkedin) :  Srinivas

👉 In MySQL Replication Master can be ib RHEL and Slave can be on SUSE Linux.

Tip-2          Date: 01-Dec-20            Provided By (Linkedin) :  Srinivas
👉 Do you know that Mysql 5.6 support will end by Feb 2021

Tip-3           Date: 02-Dec-20          Provided By (Linkedin) :  Srinivas
👉 For optimal performance datadir , binlog and slowquerylog should be on different mount points.

Tip-4           Date: 03-Dec-20          Provided By (Linkedin) :  Srinivas
👉 You can integrate LDAP / AD authentication in MySQL commercial versions.

Tip-5           Date: 04-Dec-20          Provided By (Linkedin) :  Srinivas
👉 Mysql has different distributions like Oracle Mysql, Percona Mysql, Mariadb , Myrocks.

Tip-6           Date: 07-Dec-20          Provided By (Linkedin) :  Srinivas
👉 MySQL supports asynchronous,Semi synchronous and synchronous replication.

Tip-7           Date: 09-Dec-20          Provided By (Linkedin) :  Srinivas
👉 Mysql 8.0 allows dedicated connection to DBA when max connections are exhausted.

Tip-8           Date: 11-Dec-20          Provided By (Linkedin) :  Srinivas
👉 Foreign keys not supported for partitioned InnoDB tables.

Tip-9           Date: 12-Dec-20          Provided By (Linkedin) :  Srinivas
👉 As best practice 70% to 80% of memory should be allocate innodb_buffer_pool_size

Tip-10           Date: 17-Dec-20          Provided By (Linkedin) :  Srinivas
👉 Using mysqlbinlog utility we can read binary logs and can do a point in time recovery

Tip-1 1          Date: 29-Dec-20          Provided By (Linkedin) :  Srinivas
👉 MySQL 8.0 introduced Json datatype where we can store your json file.Mysql is called SQL + NOSQL

Tip-1 2          Date: 01-Feb-20          Provided By (Linkedin) :  Srinivas
👉 MySQL 8.0 we can create histogram to distribute your data in buckets.

Tip-1 3          Date: 02-Feb-20          Provided By (Linkedin) :  Srinivas
👉 We can’t scale down the storage in Azure MySQL. Scale up is possible.

Tip-1 4          Date: 03-Feb-20          Provided By (Linkedin) :  Srinivas
👉 MySQL Router redirects the data requests to the available MySQL Server instance in MySQL innnodb cluster.

Tip-1 5          Date: 04-Feb-20          Provided By (Linkedin) :  Srinivas
👉 MySQL Shell contains an Admin API that has a dba global variable which is used to deploy and manage the InnoDB cluster.

Tip-1 6          Date: 08-Feb-20          Provided By (Linkedin) :  Srinivas
👉 We can’t scale down the storage in Azure MySQL. Scale up is possible.



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