Daily Tips for SQL Server

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Dear Readers,

In this article, we will see the following Daily Tips for MySQL .

Tip-1           Date: 30-Nov-20           Provided By: Sridhar
SQL Server is a platform dependent (windows) till SQL Serve:
👉 2016 version but from SQL 2017 onwards you can install SQL Server on Linux as well.

Tip-2           Date: 01-Dec-20           Provided By: Sridhar  
👉 Backup compression feature is introduced in SQL SERVER 2008 Version

Tip-3           Date: 02-Dec-20           Provided By: Sridhar  
👉 999 Non-clustered indexes can be created per table

Tip-4           Date: 03-Dec-20           Provided By: Sridhar  
👉 The Always On availability groups feature is introduced in SQL Server 2012.
👉 This is high-availability and disaster-recovery solution that provides an enterprise-level alternative to database mirroring.

Tip-5           Date: 04-Dec-20           Provided By: Sridhar  
👉 Mysql has different distributions like Oracle Mysql, Percona Mysql, Mariadb , Myrocks.

Tip-6           Date: 07-Dec-20           Provided By: Sridhar  
👉 SQL Server version(starting) 1.0 released in 1989 and now 15.0 (latest) version (SQL 2019) is available in the market.

Tip-7           Date: 09-Dec-20           Provided By: Sridhar  
👉 SQL Server database engine service default port(listening on) no 1433 and UDP port no 1434.

Tip-8           Date: 10-Dec-20           Provided By: Sridhar  
👉 SQL Server 2019 supported platforms are Windows ,Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL),SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES),Ubuntu,Kubernetes.

Tip-9           Date: 11-Dec-20           Provided By: Sridhar  
👉 SQL Server 2017 provides a key feature Resumable Online Index Rebuilds.
👉 This will provide the option to pause an index rebuild and provides an option of executing, suspending, resuming or aborting an online index operation.

Tip-10           Date: 12-Dec-20           Provided By: Sridhar  
👉 SQL Server 2017 includes an automatic tuning feature providing insight into potential query performance problems, recommend solutions, and automatically fixing identified problems.

Tip-11           Date: 14-Dec-20           Provided By: Sridhar  
👉 New index type column store index introduced in sql server 2012.
👉 A column store index is an index that was designed mainly for improving the query performance for workloads with very large amounts of data (eg. data warehouse fact tables).
👉 This type of index stores the index data in a column based format rather than row based as is done with traditional indexes.

Tip-12           Date: 22-Dec-20           Provided By: Sridhar
👉 PolyBase is a new feature in SQL Server 2016.
👉 It is used to query relational and non-relational databases (NoSQL).
👉 You can use PolyBase to query tables and files in Hadoop or in Azure Blob Storage.
👉 You can also import or export data to/from Hadoop.

Tip-13           Date: 29-Dec-20           Provided By: Sridhar
👉 We can identify Deadlocks in SQL Server Using Trace Flag 1222 and 1204.

Tip-14           Date: 15-Feb-21            Provided By: Sridhar
👉 SQL Server MAX DB size 524,272 Terabytes

Tip-15           Date: 16-Feb-21            Provided By: Sridhar
👉 In SQL Server max 32,767 Databases can create per instance

Tip-16           Date: 17-Feb-21           Provided By: Sridhar
👉 SQL Server DB Max Data file size is 16 TB.

Tip-17           Date: 22-Feb-21           Provided By: Sridhar
👉 SQL Server DB Max log file size is 2 TB.

Tip-18           Date: 24-Feb-21           Provided By: Sridhar
👉 In SQL Server we can create only one clustered index and 999 non clustered indexes per table.

Tip-19           Date: 11-Mar-21           Provided By: Sridhar
In SQL 2019 , we can now configure up to five synchronous replicas in an Availability Groups AG (one primary and up to four secondary replicas) with automatic failover between these replicas.



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