How to Generate DDL from existing dumpfile

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Hello everyone,

In this article, we will learn Generating DDL using existing dumpfile.

To generate DDL of a schema or table  from a dumpfile we use a parameter called SQLFILE.


SQLFILE is a paramater which can be used in IMPDP utility to generate DDL of schema or  table .

Syntax : 

Demonstration : 

Step 1:

Perform an full schema export of SCOTT.

Step 2:

Drop the SCOTT schema

Step 3:

Use the SQLFILE parameter while performing IMPDP utility.

Note :  By using SQLFILE parameter in IMPDP untilty , The data will not be  import to database, it just creates generate DDL in specified directory.

Step 4 :

Check the DDL script

Step 5:

We can execute the script to Create schema with objects(Metadata).

Please test above document in you LAB environment .

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Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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