Installation of Oracle database 18c( On Linux

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Installation of Oracle database  18c( On Linux

In this article we will see steps to Install Oracle database  18c(  on Linux  x86-64 Environment.
Follow below steps

Click below link to install Linux x86-64

Oracle 18c software binaries for Linux x86-64

Create vm and install linux operating system using below links

How to Install VMware Workstation On Windows.


Once you configure linux copy software files into vm server and unzip the files

check for ./runinstaller and run it

Oracle installer opens GUI mode

Step 1 :

Choose a option Create and configure a single instance database

Click on Next

Step 2:

Choose Desktop class which is used in production servers

Click on Next

Step 3:

Specify the Oracle Base ,Oracle DB files location,Global DB name,passwords.

If you want to enable container database choose create as container database

Click on Next

Step 4 :

Oracle performs Prerequisite checks….

While installing i got issue with groups to fix that oracle itself gives a script

Note :

In your case you wont see this error

Copy the script and run as Root user

Then choose ignore if you have warnings

Click on Next 

Step 5 :

Verify all details

Click on Install 

Step 6 :

Oracle starts installation process

Oracle installer itself gives a script to run as root user

open terminal and run the script


Copy the script and Run as root user

If already have oraenv and oraenv files don’t overwrite it

Once you run the script oracle starts copy the database

Step 7 :

The configuration of oracle database was successful.

Click on Close 

Run the Oraenv file and specify the SID name

Connect to sqlplus / as sysdba

Check the database details and version details

Check version details


I hope above information was very helpful.

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Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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