Installation of Oracle database 18c( On Windows

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In this article, we will see Installation of Oracle Database  18c( On Windows.

Click on below link to download 18c software binaries for windows platform

Software binaries for oracle 18c

Once you downloaded the file unzip and double click on setup.exe application file.

Step 1 :

Choose a option Create and configure a single instance database 

Click on Next

Step 2:

Choose Server Class which is used in production servers

Click on Next

Step 3:

Choose an Advanced Install option.

With this option we can intsall oracle database software with advanced features like passwords for sys,sysman,system,dbsnmp accounts,db character set,languages,storage options, etc…,

Click on Next

Step 4:

Choose Enterprise Edition Option.

Click on Next

Step 5 :

Choose Virtual account 

Click on Next

Step 6 :

Specify Oracle base location and make sure the directory should have enough space.

Click on Next

Step 7 :

Choose General Purpose/Transaction Processing

Click on Next

Step 8 :

Specify Global db name and SID name (I given compdb)

If you want to create container db then choose below option and specify pdb prefix name.

Click on Next

Step 9 :

if you want enable AMM then below option and modify memory as per requirements.

If you want to set character set choose another tab

Click on Next

Step 10 :

Choose File System type and specify location where to store CRD files

Click on Next

Step 11 :

if any existing Enterprise Manager available then enable below option then specify all required details.

Click on Next

Step 12 :

To enable FRA choose Enable Recovery and Specify Location.

Click on Next

Step 13 :

Choose same passwords for all accounts and specify password

Click on Next

Step 14 :

Oracle performs prerequisite checks

Click on Next

Step 15 :

Verify all software  locations and

Click on Install

Step 16 :

Oracle starts installing software

On the same steps oracle copying database files

On the same step instance and database creates

Step 17:

In this  step The configuration oracle database was successful.

Click on Close 

Now open  Command Prompt and connect to database.

Check the below  details


I hope above information was very helpful.

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Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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