Mapping Columns on Oracle GoldenGate 12c

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In this article we will see Mapping Columns on Oracle GoldenGate 12c.

We care for your speed. Below is an easy way to  Mapping Columns on Oracle GoldenGate 12c

Oracle GoldenGate provides for column mapping at the table level and at the global level. Default column mapping is also provided in the absence of explicit column mapping rules.

Configuring Table-level Column Mapping with COLMAP

Use the  COLMAP option of the MAP and TABLE  parameters to :

 Note :

1.Configure GG setup between Source and Target

2. Make sure Extract ,Datapump process running on Source and Replicat on Target

Node Details :

GG1 (SOURCE)   gg1

Database Name :orcl

Instance Name : orcl

GG2(TARGET)   gg2

Database Name :orcl

Instance Name : orcl

Let’s start  the Scenario


Create  table on AJAY schema


Create test10 table with different structure


Edit  extract (EXTINT) param file  and include TABLE AJAY.TEST10;

Check datapump(DPINT) param file


Edit Repilcat(REPINT) param file


Insert a record into test10 table


Check replicat process (It should be abended because of column mismatch)

Check report file for  errors

In Source column name is MOBILE and the target column name is CELL

Replicat process not able to write the data into target database  due to column mismatch.

Specifying the Columns to be Mapped in the COLMAP Clause

The COLMAP syntax is the following:

Edit the repint file

Stop and Start the Replicat process

Check stats for repint

Check records in target table

The Replication is happening successfully !

ADD one  more column On source with different structure



On Source column name is ADDRESS and on Target ADDR

Edit the repint and put multiple column

Stop and Start the Replicat process


Insert records on test10 table


Check stats for  repint

Now check records on target table

Replication happening successfully on two different column structure !

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Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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