Performing an Initial load with Oracle GoldenGate 12c

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Dear Readers,

In this article we will see Performing an Initial load with Oracle GoldenGate 12c.

 We care for your speed. Below is an easy way to  Performing an Initial load with Oracle GoldenGate 12c.

What is GoldenGate Initial Load ?

Loads the data directly from source tables to target tables.

Change synchronization vs Initial load 

In change synchronization we have extract,pump and Replicat with sourcefiles and rmttrail files.

But in Initial load data read over the network from source table to target table.

For this we configure extract and replicat with various initial methods

Note :  Target table should be empty, while performing initial load 

Node Details :

GG1 (SOURCE)   gg1

Database Name :orcl

Instance Name : orcl

GG2(TARGET)   gg2

Database Name :orcl

Instance Name : orcl

Let’s start  the Scenario


Check the table records which we want to perform initial load

Assume DEPT  and EMP  have Huge records

Check extint (EXTRACT) param file

EXTINT will extract all DML’s from AJAY schema.

Check dpint(PUMP) param file

DPINT will extract all DML’s from AJAY schema.


Now check REPINT(REPLICAT) Param file

Check Processes

Replicat is running fine, To perform initial load we should stop replicat

Note : Check target table if any records found then truncate the table

To performing initial loads the target table should be empty.


In source GGSCI , add initial load extract process to read directly from the table

Check process is added or not

Note :  Info all command only shows the processes which is used for change synchronization

Now add Param file for load1 extract

Here i was doing initial load for DEPT and EMP tables

Note : Initial load of  tables in param file  happens in sequence,which means initial load EMP won’t start until DEPT completes.

If the tables have Primary key and Foreign key  relationships always ensure parent tables listed above


Add replicat process for initial load and use Specialrun

Specialrun means once you started load1 in source automatically load2 starts in target by manager

Add below line into target MGR parameter file

Note: In place of IP address of source, you have to mention IP address or Hostname of your source machine. In my case its so it should be like this

Refresh Manager process as

Note: Make sure you do refresh mgr if doing any changes in manager parameter file so changes will be reflected.


Check load1 status

The status was stopped ans task is SOURCEISTABLE .

As soon as we started load1, load2 is running and then it will stop after completes initial load.

Lets start load1  process

check status of load1

Here load1 process reads data directly for table and handover to load2 process in target side for both DEPT and EMP table


Check status of load2 process

Load2 is running as SPECIALRUN and is stops once initial loads done.

We have limited to check the status so be fast when your doing

Now check records in Target Tables

Initial load done successfully….!



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Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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