Oracle GoldenGate Miscellaneous commands (Part-2)

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In the article, we will see Oracle GoldenGate Miscellaneous commands (Part-2)

To check part -1 use below link

Oracle goldengate miscellaneous commands part-1

To install Oracle GoldenGate use below link

Installation of Oracle GoldenGate

Miscellaneous Commands are :

  • Obey
  • LAG
  • KILL
  • SEND


Obey :

To process a file that contains a list of Golden Gate commands.

OBEY is useful for executing commands that are frequently used in sequence. You can call one OBEY file from another one.

Create a file(sample.txt) in any location

Connect to GGSCI

Check content with SHELL command

Now run the file with OBEY

We can call one OBEY file from another one.

The above two files OBEY files and we called info_process.txt file into stats_process.txt file

Now run the stats_process.txt file

Successfully runs both the obey files.

Note : ALLOWNESTED Should  use in which the file you run first .



Lag is the time difference between when changes are made within the source database and when those changes are applied to the target database.

Extract lag: The difference, in seconds, between the system clock time that a record was processed by the Extract GoldenGate component and the timestamp of that record in the data source.

Login to database

Now run LAG command

Replicat lag: The difference, in seconds, between the system clock time that the last record was processed by the Replicat GoldenGate component and the timestamp of the record in the trail files, which are a record of the transactions.

Login to database

Now run LAG command for replicat process


  • CLEANUP command is used to delete run history for the specified Extract  or Replicat group.
  • The cleanup keeps the last run record intact so that Extract can resume processing from where it left off.
  • Before using this command, stop Extract by issuing the STOP EXTRACT command.




The name of an Extract group or a wildcard (*) to specify multiple groups. For example, T* cleans up all Extract groups whose names start with T.

SAVE count

Excludes the specified number of the most recent records from the cleanup.

To cleanup EXTINT process First we need to stop that process

Noe Execute Cleanup Command  and then start EXTINT process




Forcibly terminates the run of an Extract group.

Use KILL EXTRACT to kill an Extract process running in regular or PASSIVE mode. Use this command only if a process cannot be stopped gracefully with the STOP EXTRACT command. The Manager process will not attempt to restart a killed Extract process.


Example :

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Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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