MySQL : Installing Multiple MySQL

Installing Multiple MySQL   The need to have multiple instances of MySQL (the well-known mysqld process) running in the same server concurrently in a transparent way, instead of having them executed in separate containers/virtual machines.   MySQL provides a tool to facilitate the execution of… Read More

Oracle: Different options in Export and Imports

Different options in Export and Imports   Schema export and import using remap_schemas.   1) create directory dpump as ‘/u02/dpump’; 2) grant read,write on directory dpump to system;

For importing schema :   1) Cretae directory dpump as ‘/u02/DATAPUMP’; 2) grant read,write on directory… Read More

MySQL : About MySQL

MySQL   MySQL belongs to relational database management system (RDBMS Software). MySQL is one of the most widely using open source relational database. MySQL was started developing by Michael Widenius “Monty” in the year 1979. At that time it named as UNIREG.  It’s an in-house database tool… Read More

Automate CPU utilization metrics (from SAR)

Table has to be created for capturing the CPU Utilization and save it to Database.


SQL Auto-Caching with No Code Changes

Heimdall Data auto-caches and auto-invalidates, removing complex configuration. It requires zero changes to your application and database. Try it out.   There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things.” -Phil Karlton     Caching is complex and engineering intensive.… Read More