Run SQL as JENKINS_PIPELINE_job by SQLplus script runner plugin

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Run SQL as JENKINS_PIPELINE_job by SQL plus script runner plugin.

Running the SQL script – As Scripted pipeline job from Jenkins file in GIT repo
Note: the SQL script placed in the same location as Jenkins file

👉 Create the (above code) scripted pipeline in Jenkins file in GIT repo.
👉 SQL file also placed in the same GIT repo as Jenkins file.
👉 Configure the pipeline from SCM (GIT repo) as Jenkins file.
👉 Jenkins file location is provided as part of the configuration:
👉 Build the job.
👉 Check the console output:
👉 Console output: continued
Running the SQL script – As Declarative pipeline job from Jenkins file in GIT repo
Note: The SQL script placed in the different Repo-location and different BRANCH and not same as Jenkins file
▪️ Create the Jenkins file with Declarative pipeline code.
▪️ The pipeline code has the credential ID step—in GIT checkout code stage.
▪️ The GitHub token (Token) has to be created and has to be used for creation of Credential ID in the Jenkins
▪️ The GitHub token will be used as PASSWORD (for username/password kind) to create the Credential ID.
Note: GitHub token creation is not covered in this document.

👉 Create the Pipeline script (above code) in Jenkins file in GitHub REPO location:
👉 SQL script file stored in different location and different Branch (master)
👉 Build the job:
👉 Check the console output:
👉 Console output: continued
👉 Console output: continued
Jenkins job status showing success –even SQL failed with error inside SQL plus.
▪️ The Jenkins job show the job status as SUCCESS even when the SQL error is thrown.
▪️ We need to make Jenkins job to FAIL if there is any SQL error message is thrown inside SQLPLUS runner.
▪️ We need to add a piece of code at the start of the SQL file
▪️ Start the fresh job after adding this code in the start of the SQL file.
▪️ The Jenkins job will FAIL caused due to SQL error.
  • ▪️ By this we can avoid the FALSE success message from the Jenkins console.
Example code:

👉 Configure the SQL plus Runner job – for correct SQL with syntax issue
👉Build the SQL Plus runner job.
👉Console output of job
👉Console output of job: continued



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Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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