SSH Connectivity methods in Oracle RAC

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In this article, we will see the step by step SSH Connectivity methods in Oracle RAC.

We will look at the below methods to do the SSH connectivity across the cluster.

  • Manual User Equivalence (Manual Method)
  • ssh (Oracle Method)
  • Automatic User Equivalence (GUI Method)

Manual User Equivalence (Manual Method)

This method is a totally manually, here first we will create the rsa and dsa keys and later will create a file authorized keys and then copy both keys across the nodes for both users.

Now we will understand this method practically.

Step 1) we need to login through respective user and go to .ssh directory which is inside home location.

Step 2) now we will create rsa and dsa keys.

Note: – Same you need to do for the second node as well

Step 3)now we will create the authorized keys files and then will swap the keys between the nodes.

In Rac node 1 authorized keys file, we will copy rsa and dsa keys of rac node 2.

Step 4) Now check the password less connectivity for grid user from both the nodes.

We can see from above output that we are able to do password less connectivity for grid user from both the nodes.

Note: – Same steps you need to follow for Oracle user to perform ssh connectivity.

Step 5) I am only showing the output of the password less connectivity from oracle user. (Oracle Method)

Now we will look at the second method of ssh connectivity. First we will do for Grid user and later for Oracle user.

Step 1) I have executed command from root user for both the users.

Command: –.

Output of Rac1 node for grid user: –

[root@rac1 sshsetup]#

The output of this script is also logged into /tmp/sshUserSetup_2020-07-15-21-26-19.log


Output of Rac2 node for grid user: –

Output of Rac1 node for Oracle user: –

Automatic User Equivalence (GUI Method)

Last method is Automatic User Equivalence which is GUI (Graphical User Interface method).

Step 1) Add both the server name first after that click on the ssh connectivity tab.

Step 2) Give the grid password and then click on Setup button to setup the connectivity.

Step 3)ssh setup is in progress.

Step 4) when it will complete, you will get below output.

We can see from above output the SSH connectivity has been successfully completed for grid user.

Note: – Please follow the same steps for Oracle user.


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Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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