Introduction to Oracle RAC Environment

Introduction to  Oracle RAC Environment What is Cluster ? A cluster in computer science is a set of computing nodes that work together and can be loosely viewed as a single system. In other words A cluster consists of multiple interconnected servers that appear to end users… Read More


DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ORACLE AND MySQL. Please refer previous article . DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ORACLE AND MySQL -03 In this article will see few more differences between ORACLE and MySQL. Differences between Oracle and MySQL SNO ORACLE MySQL 1 How to check metadata of table ? SYS>> desc <objectname> “;”… Read More

Key structures in Cassandra

  Key structures in Cassandra   Node Node is  the basic infrastructure component of Cassandra. Where we can store data in a cluster. Cassandra is a Masterless architecture so all nodes in a cluster having same priority. Datacenter Datacenter is a collection of related nodes.… Read More