Shell script to alert us when specified background process exceeds limit

Hello Everyone, The below script will help us to find number of processes runs in the background and send us alerts based on warning and critical thresholds. Script : # ]$ cat /home/oracle/DBA/bin/

Script execution : Syntax : ./ <PROCESS_NAME> <WARNING> <CRITICAL> Here I… Read More

Data Fragmentation in PostgreSQL

Data Fragmentation in PostgreSQL PostgreSQL is a relational database management system with a client-server architecture. At the server-side, PostgreSQL’s processes and shared memory work together and build an instance, which handles the access to the data. Client programs connect to the instance and request read… Read More

Autonomous Transaction Processing

Autonomous Transaction Processing In this article, we will know about “ATP”   Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing delivers a self-driving, self-securing, self-repairing database service that can instantly scale to meet the demands of a variety of applications: mission-critical transaction processing, mixed transactions and analytics, IoT, JSON… Read More