Run SQL as JENKINS_UI_job by SQLplus script runner plugin

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Run SQL as JENKINS_UI_job by SQLplus script runner plugin

To perform SQL operations connecting to Remote Oracle DB without SSH connection.
This article uses the Jenkins master node to run/execute the SQL.
▪️ SQL plus Script Runner plugin is required to run the SQL code from Jenkins job.
▪️ The Oracle Client software location (ORACLE_HOME) and SQL Plus exe-file location is earlier configured with SQL Plus Script runner in Jenkins tool to run the SQL.
▪️ The SQL/Query will access/fetch the database on Remote Oracle DB Server
▪️ SQL code is executed directly from Master node (using TNS entry of the remote DB)
▪️ We don’t require the SSH to connect/access the remote DB.
▪️ We will use only the TNS entry to connect/access the remote DB.
System Configuration details: 
▪️ The SQL code can also be executed from SLAVE node as well, provided the Oracle Client software to be installed in slave machine.
▪️ In this article we have used Master node to execute the SQL code.
Tools required:
▪️ Oracle client software (in Master node)
▪️ SQL Runner plugin (in Jenkins)
Install Oracle Database client (Install Steps not covered)
Configure the TNS connection in Oracle Client home:

Test connection to Remote Oracle Database (Using Client):
SQL plus Script Runner:
▪️ This plugin enables you run Oracle SQL*Plus scripts on your Jenkins jobs (user defined scripts or a script inside a workspace).
▪️ Oracle SQL*Plus installation requires Java version 11.
Java version Dependency Chart: for Plugin versions
plugin version
Java version
Java 11 +
For mainly Jenkins 2.x, credentials plugins implemented and pipeline support.
– For Jenkins 1.x







SQLPLUS runner à Installation

Configure SQL plus Script Runner (GLOBAL default settings for any job, where the path is not mentioned)
▪️ The Jenkins job will pick this GLOBAL default settings for SQL plus exe file and the ORACLE_HOME location for client.
▪️ The Jenkins job can also have customized settings/location for SQL plus exe file and ORACLE_HOME location.
▪️ In such case the customized setting will override the GLOBAL settings during the job execution.
GLOBAL setting for any jobs – SQL Plus Runner:
Running the SQL script – as freestyle job from Jenkins UI A) Script type: File script
👉 Configuration of Jenkins job: where to run.
👉 Configuration of Source code management:
👉 Configuration of SQL plus script Runner: ORACLE_HOME and SQL plus exe file location
👉 Configure – continue.
👉 SQL file Script placed at Workspace location in Jenkins server:
👉 Build the job:
👉 Console output of the Job
👉 Console output: continued
B) Script type: User defined script
👉 Configuration of SQL Script runner: User defined script (Script type)
👉 Console output of job: user defined script job
Running the SQL script – as pipeline job from UI
Note: Here we have used the scripted pipeline in UI
👉 Configure the job:
👉 Place the SQL script file in the Workspace location/jobname:
//Pipeline code (scripted pipe) for UI //


👉 Configure the (above code) pipeline script in UI (provide the SQL runner step in the code):
👉 Run the job and check the console output.
👉 Console output: continued


Author    : Venkat Vinod Kumar Siram 

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Assisted by Shanmugavel

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Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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