How to Install Jenkins On Ubuntu 20.04

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Dear Readers,

In this article, we will see the following Install Jenkins On Ubuntu.

Steps to Follow :

  1. Logging to AWS Account
  2. Launch Ubuntu EC2 Instance
  3. Connect to Linux EC2 Instance by Using Putty
  4. Install the Java Package
  5. Configure the Java Home Location
  6. Download and Install Jenkins
  7. Start the Jenkins
  8. Access the Jenkins


1. Logging to AWS Account

First, we need to AWS Console page by using below link.

Click on sign in to Console button. Logging to aws account

Login using username & password and click on sign in. Enter to AWS Management Console

We can see the AWS Management Console Dashboard. 2. Launch Ubuntu EC2 Instance

Go to Services, under the compute module click EC2 service to open. We need to select Ubuntu AMI we need to open SSH,HTTP and 8080 ports.

Please check below link to Launch Linux EC2 Instance. We can launch Linux EC2 Instance by using below link.

Launch Linux EC2 Instance

We can see the Ubuntu Server has been launched successfully.

3. Connect to Linux EC2 Instance Using Putty

We can connect putty by using below link.

Connect to EC2 Instance Using Putty

Go inside the Ubuntu Server Terminal.

Update Server Packages

4. Install the Java Package

Verify Version of Java

Configure the Java Home Location

5. Download and Install Jenkins

Go inside the website :

Install wget command to download something from Internet

Download Repository from internet and add key to your machine

Add entry “deb binary” to this path ” /etc/apt/sources.list.d/”

Update your local package index

Install Jenkins Package

6. Start the Jenkins 

Note: we can use this command : sudo systemctl jenkins start

Verify the status of Jenkins

Enable the Jenkins Service

7. Access the Jenkins

we can access the Jenkins through web page.
Jenkins default port is 8080.
Open browser we need to give Public IP of Jenkins Machine:8080 for accessing Jenkins.

Copy the Public IP of Jenkins


Search Public IP:8080 in browser

We can see the Jenkins page and we need to unlock Jenkins.

Unlock Jenkins

If you want to unlock jenkins we need to provide password.
we will get password by using path ” /var/lib/jenkins/secrets/initialAdminPassword”.

Get Password

Go the path “/var/lib/jenkins/secrets” and open the file “initialAdminPassword” and copy the password.

Provide password which was copied and click on continue.

Select Install suggested plugins.

when you select install suggested plugins you will get so many default plugins.

Once select “Install suggested plugins”, it is going to install all default plugins.
It may take 10 minutes to complete.

Create First Admin User

Provide required things to create admin user and click on save and continue.

we can see Jenkins URL “” and Save and Finish.

Jenkins is ready to use and click on Start using Jenkins.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20-1.png

Finally, we can see the dashboard of Jenkins.



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Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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