Jenkins job to run SQL code in remote DB server.

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Jenkins job to run SQL code in remote DB server.

SQL code is executed (as shell file) in Oracle DB server (Jenkins Slave server)
What is Jenkins:
▪️ Jenkins is a powerful tool that allows continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) of projects, regardless of the platform.
▪️ It is a free source that can handle any kind of build or continuous integration.
▪️ We can integrate Jenkins with a number of testing and deployment technologies.

OS platform Jenkins Master node – Mac OS
Jenkins Slave node – Linux
Database platform Oracle DB (on Slave node)
Version: Oracle 19c
CI tool used Jenkins (continuous Integration Tool)
URL:  http://localhost:8080/
Base Script Shell script (from remote DB server)
Script Location: /home/oracle/Jenkins-agent
Jenkins Job Jenkins Job type – (Freestyle job)
Goal – Jenkins job to run the SQL code in remote database.
👉 Step 1: Configure Oracle DB server as Jenkins Agent (Slave node):
▪️ The Oracle DB server act as slave node to run the SQL script from Jenkins.
▪️ The SQL script is treated as a Build job which will be executed from Slave node.
▪️ The jdk files (java installation files) has to be copied(or)installed to /home/oracle/jenkins-agent directory.
▪️ The PATH variable and JAVA_HOME variables are to be set in the .bash_profile file as Oracle user.
▪️ The owner of the jdk file should be Oracle user, If not change the ownership.
▪️ Command:   chown -R oracle:oinstall  /home/oracle/jenkins-agent/jdk
▪️ The slave node will be in sync when the agent is up and establishes connection by SSH command.
              Set the Environment variable – for Oracle user in slave machine.
              Test SSH connection as Oracle user: This same SSH should also work from Jenkins.
             Configure Slave node (Oracle server) in Jenkins.
           Slave node (Oracle server) successfully launched in Jenkins agent (JDK)
👉 Step 2: Create/Test a Shell script with SQL code in Oracle DB server (Slave node):
▪️ Run/Test the shell script independently in the oracle server to execute the SQL query.
▪️ The shell script will be created in agent location /home/oracle/Jenkins-agent
▪️ The shell script contains the SQL query to get executed by the Jenkins job.
▪️ The PATH variable and JAVA_HOME variables are set in the .bash_profile file for Oracle user.
▪️ Test the shell script to execute the SQL code and to provide output.
             Execute/Test the Shell script which will run the SQL code in the database.
👉 Step 3: Create a Jenkins job (Free style job) to run SQL as shell file in Slave (DB server):
▪️ Create a Jenkins job (Free style job) as per below screenshots.
▪️ Add the build step to execute the shell file through Jenkins job.
▪️ Save the Job configuration after providing the details for the shell file to run.
▪️ Click the Build job from the left side pane of the Jenkins tool.      
👉 Step 4: Check the console output of the Jenkins job.
▪️ Check the Job # number turns GREEN for the successful job execution.
▪️ Click the console output of the Jenkins job.
▪️ Verify the SQL result in the console output.
▪️ Check the status of the end of console output as SUCCESS.


Author    : Venkat Vinod Kumar Siram 
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Assisted by Shanmugavel
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Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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