AZURE: Storage Account Creation

AZURE: Storage Account Creation Storage Account: 👉 An Azure Storage account is a fundamental resource that holds all your Azure storage data objects like blobs, queues, files and tables. 👉 It provides a unique namespace so that anyone can access through HTTP and HTTPS requests.… Read More

Azure: Different types of availability options

Different types of availability options  Azure offers different types of availability options which includes. 1. No infrastructure redundancy required. 2. Availability zone 3. Virtual machine scale set 4. Availability set 1. No infrastructure redundancy required. • This does not provide any redundancy. • When you… Read More

PostgreSQL: Contrib Modules

Contrib Modules: In PostgreSQL, “contrib” stands for “contributed modules”. These are additional functionalities and features developed by the community that are not part of the core PostgreSQL distribution, but can be easily added to enhance the capabilities of the database. Contributed modules are distributed separately… Read More

MongoDB CRUD Operations

MongoDB CRUD Operations 1 – To create a new database called sample data. Atlas atlas-dsrabt-shard-0 [primary] myFirstDatabase> use sample data. 2 – To create a new collection called students. Atlas atlas-dsrabt-shard-0 [primary] sampledata> db.createCollection(“students”). 3 – To insert one document in to the collection called… Read More

Installation of PostgreSQL

Installation of PostgreSQL As PostgreSQL is an open source, we can download it from official website ( by following below steps: Go to official website >> Click on Download >> Choose your System OS >> Click “Download the installer” Select latest version (15.2 present) of… Read More

Table/index movement using pl/sql procedure

Table/index movement using pl/sql procedure

1) Gather all below data into a SQL log file for future validations

2) Export respective schema and whole DB as part of prechecks. 3) Create a Guaranteed Restore point and drop before dropping tablespace if everything is… Read More

Control Flow In Python

CONTROL FLOW Decision making statements in programming languages decide the direction of the flow of program execution based on the given conditions. Python supports if, Elif used to decide the flow of execution. If statement: It is the basic decision-making statement, in this the code… Read More