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👉Getting a job as a fresher or experienced seems extremely daunting post-COVID crisis. There is cutthroat competition in the job market, and freshers are always disadvantaged due to this.

👉Nevertheless, landing a job is far from impossible if you’ve got the right mindset and are willing to work towards it.

👉Generally, we feel that we can achieve a job with our academic track record. Of course, it may work out sometimes but in reality, along with academic excellence, you need to develop some important qualities & skills which play a vital role in achieving a suitable job.

👉You see, sometimes those who scored less percentage of marks in academics will achieve a job sooner than those who scored more. When we see this, we feel that there is a mistake in the selection process and we conclude it by saying luck. We should remember that nowadays the percentage of marks may not sufficient to achieve a job.

👉Most companies apart from technical knowledge look for curiosity, ethics and drive.

👉If you’re a person who wants to learn more and has the enthusiasm to take products forward, there’s nothing that can stop you from being recruited in the field of your desire.

💢Below are a few qualities that will help you to stand out: 

1. Out of box thinking: That means thinking in a different way.

2. Confident: “Right amount of confidence”. There is a fine line between confidence and over-confidence.

3. Curiosity: Keen to know the “why” & “how”

4. Positive thinking: Taking everything into positive.

5. Punctuality: You have to be punctual.

6. Zeal to learn new technology: It is to understand the development of new technology.

7. Ability to work under pressure: Means to avoid confrontation.

8. Control over emotions: We should be in our control.

9. Do not Procrastinate: We should avoid postponement and laziness.

10. Hardworking: That means being a work-minded person.

11. Communication skills: You should have the ability to communicate effectively.

12. Leadership skills: To lead your team, maintain transparency, and help nature.

13. Introspection: A person who can articulate in a thoughtful way why they’re applying, why they’re the perfect candidate, and what they’re hoping to achieve blow their competition out of the water.

Last and most important “Be You”: Be real, don’t try to be someone, it will automatically decrease your nervousness.       

Focus on these qualities to achieve a good job for your bright future.


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